Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 1

This is for all those girls, women, grandmas, out there who have been used and abused by immature selfish men. ITS TIME FOR A STRIKE! JOIN ME!

Today will be the first day of my one month challenge. I am 17 years old and I have spent the majority of my teenage years jumping from relationship to relationship, and you know what? It's time to take a break. Okay, so maybe I didn't just wake up today and thought today is the day where i stop obsessing about boys!. And maybe its because some rat bastard has gone and broken my heart! :'(. Its been 3 years of some asshole telling me how wonderful I am and how special the love we share is ... when in reality they were bullshitting to get into my pants. Okay maybe not ALL of them, but this one sure was!
As much as i'd love to bitch and moan about how he strung me along and lied to my face and BROKE UP WITH ME IN A VOICEMAIL! I mean god that was tacky and rude way to break up with someone in the '80s! Oh right back to how I'm not going to bitch.... yeah well he's not worth it OBVIOUSLY (in reality i'm secretly sighing and waiting for him to come knocking on my door with chocolate, roses, and the deepest apology.) so I'm not going to bring his sweet, caring, funny, handsome self up anymore! ... wait i meant lying, manipulative, malicious, fugly ass up anymore!
But, he has inspired me to finally take a break from men. Now I wish I could try to take a longer break than a month, but lets get real I'm 17 and I live in manhattan. Oh he also brought out the fighter in me, I hope he isn't too swollen. Too bad he curled up and took it like a female dog, so quickly my anger ran away and I ended up crying in my high school bathroom... but seriously ladies who hasn't done that before? am i right? am i right???
I'm keeping my cookie in the cookie jar and i'm locking up my heart. I'll be back soon with an update of my one month challenge. anyone who wants to do this with me feel free to comment about your own stories and your own struggle for a break from searching for love!

tata my dears,